Thursday, February 15, 2001

Want to get a good deal on a laptop? Read the computer ads very carefully. If you buy a laptop computer at Circuit City, it costs you $799.99 after rebates. A savings of $600. That's because the original price was $1,399 less a $400 Compuserve Rebate less a $100 Circuit City Bonus Mail-In Rebate less a $100 Instant Rebate, which gets you to $799. Now you are locked into a 36 month contract with Compuserve at $21.95 per month which equals an additional $790.20, after 3 years. So after you pay $799 and add the Compuserve price of $790.20, you have paid $1,589.20. That's $190.20 more than the original list price. Oh yeah, the $100 Mail in rebate is a credit in the form of a Circuit City Merchandise Card.

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