Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Best AM NEWS ABUSE ever!

The Mexican Attorney General issued a nationwide alert and recalled Fart Bags and Fragrant Bombs.

Rodeph Sholom Day School in NYC has banned recognizing Mother's Day. Also Father's Day.

Historian Ruggero Marino says Columbus discovered America in 1485, not 1492.

There's a new rave site called the Arse Race where you urge along, well, buttocks who are racing. Also T shirts.

The French Connection UK is taking heat for promoting its FCUK brand of clothing with a giant San Francisco sign proclaiming SAN FRANCISCO'S FIRST FCUK.

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority forced RyanAir to retract ads saying "Blow Me!

Today, the UFO Disclosure Project will testify to the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial vehicles.

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