Monday, June 04, 2001

Renee Boje Mission - Join Michael Moore's Militia
McCarthyites, witch hunters, racial or ethnic cleansers, and inquisitors never die.

They come back again and again, in every era, always wearing the sheep's clothing of the culture in which they find themselves.
This time, they are not pretending to defend the "American way," or to be "battling Satan," or "purifying the Aryan race," or "ridding the world of heretics" — because, in our culture, none of these themes would wear well as sheep's clothing.

No. This time they're wearing the cloak of "protecting our children against marijuana."
This is very exciting. A while back I posted a link to Renee's web site and also made Mike aware of her plight. Now Michael Moore has made it his mission to help Renee too. Please follow the link to Michael Moore's Renee Boje Mission to learn more.

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