Sunday, August 12, 2001

Larry Ellison declares war!
Ellison's declaration of a "war on complexity" urges enterprise users to end application customization by changing their business processes to fit Oracle's technology—in other words, no customization, particularly with applications in the company's year-old 11i e-business suite.
"You shouldn't be writing C code. You shouldn't be writing custom sets of programs and, my God, you shouldn't be changing our computer programs," Ellison told an auditorium packed with Oracle customers at the Oracle AppsWorld user conference in New Orleans this spring.
I have been thinking this way for years. I agree with Larry. Instead of generating an RFP with a million pages of detailed desires and needs based on the way things have always been done or how you think they should be done, why not use some exisiting software that closely meets your needs? Software that has a support and an upgrade structure in place? We use Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Quicken without any trouble. How different can your Order Entry be?

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