Wednesday, November 28, 2001

24 – Episode 4 by Sean Weitner.
Sean posts another fine review of 24.

Here's my take, don't read the rest if you hate spoilers, because I tell you who dies in the episode.

My wife came home with 15 minutes left in the episode. I told her that she hadn't missed much, and she watched the last 15 minutes with me.

I told her that we've gotten to know that cop pretty well, so she'll be dead soon. It's just like on Star Trek, but Star Trek never really developed those characters as much as 24 does.

I was also troubled by the father mouthing off to the cop. That didn't fit. He also went away mad after he was released. Another bad move. In the back of my mind I mistrust this guy....

One other thing, I'm surprised that the wife hasn't told Jack Bauer about the call from the daughter yet. That should have been her 2nd call, after her call to 911.

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