Sunday, November 25, 2001

My High School Reunion
I can't understand why more people don't go to high school reunions. I always enjoy going back to mine.

I have great memories from Lynn Classical High School. We had a good class.

Remember When:
The Band at the school dance was CRAGG ZOPP, and it was made up from a bunch of guys from ZAYRE in Saugus?

We turned THE TERRACE (GE UNION HALL) into a school party on FRIDAY NIGHTS, and you had to be a 'member' to enter?

There was an ice skating rink on Boston Street, and couples skate time allowed you to ask her to hold hands and skate around the rink?

Learning FORTRAN with PUNCHED CARDS was the computer course, and you'd wait a week to see if your program ran correctly over at Lynn Tech, only to get the cards back to find out that you made one typo and had to wait another week to see if your program ran right?

Getting so drunk that the center lines on the street and everything else looked double, but you drove home anyways with one eye closed and didn't think about it too much?

You joined the Ecology Club because you thought it would look good on your College Application?

The advanced Biology class was easier than the regular Biology class?

Mr. Murphy subbed and asked us music trivia questions?
Yes, I did pull out the old yearbook before going back to refresh my memory. I do approve the use of name tags with high school yearbook pictures. They help. And, no ... it's not rude to look down at the person you are meeting's badge to see who they are. I did that a number of times.

At the sign in table I was wondering why I didn't recognize any of the people signing us in. Hey, I had NO CLUE who these people were. Later I found out that they were not from our class. They were registration people.

I was surprised and happy to see a lot of really good friends that I had lost touch with. Now I've got their email addresses and hope to stay in touch.

The DJ was really good, a little loud if you were sitting up close, but his selection of music would put to shame the local Classic Rock station.

I had expected to see a lot of fat and balding people there, but the girls looked great!

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