Monday, July 08, 2002

Cutting the Grass.
I cut the grass this weekend and it only took me 10 minutes!

We have a postage stamp sized backyard and out front yard isn't even a yard. It's more of a small area where perennials are planted so we don't have to do anything year after year except water.

I cut the grass with a Black and Decker electric lawnmower I picked up at the Black and Decker outlet in Kittery, Maine.

Electric mowers are so much better than gas ones. they're a lot easier to push around the yard since there isn't a big heavy motor sitting on top of the wheels. I never have to fill it up with gas either!

As a kid, my father had me cut the grass every weekend. Back then, I had really bad allergies. I was allergic to pollen and grass. My parents got me some allergy medication to help me.

So I'd go out and cut the grass, all the while sneezing, eyes watering, and nose running. Then when I was done I'd pop the pill to make myself feel better.

It never seemed to work.

Later I found out that the pill was preventative and supposed to be taken prior to cutting the grass.

Now I've grown out of those allergies and don't have much grass to cut anyway.

Hopefully, there will be less grass there in the future since I never follow Scotts Annual Lawn Care Program.

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