Monday, January 20, 2003

Chicago Tribune | Spiining the Globes.
The Golden Globe voters like two of my favorite shows!
Musical or comedy series: "Curb Your Enthusiasm," HBO.

Actor, musical or comedy series: Tony Shalhoub, "Monk."
Congratulations guys! These are two wonderful shows that I'm looking forward to seeing new episodes from.

Tivo report on the Golden Globes.
I haven't seen Minority Report yet, so I didn't know who Colin Farrell was, but he sure has an amazing Irish accent. Loved it when he said Sh*t on the pre show.

Bono was very excited to win the award for Original song: "The Hands That Built America" from "Gangs of New York". So excited in fact that he said Fu*k.

Wow, two swears in the same night on network TV.

Brad Pitt Is So Last Year! No, really.
My best Tivo moment was when my wife said that the shot of Brad Pitt, in the pre-show musical montage, was from last year.

Pause Live TV. Rewind. Slow Motion.

She was right. The clip they used was an old one showing Brad Pitt with a full beard. He was clean shaven this year!

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