Friday, February 14, 2003

We went to a nice place in Florida for dinner the other night, Big City Tavern. Everything was going so well until the bartender spilled a full glass of red wine on me!

Another bartender said I should take my sweater off immediately and put white wine on it. Don't they watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? I asked if they should be using salt, but they were intent on using white wine. After pouring a bottle of white wine on the sweater, the general manager of the bar came over and gave me a card good for a free dry cleaning at a nearby dry cleaners. He also bought us a new round of drinks and and paid for our dinner. That was nice.

Today, my wife called the dry cleaner and asked if the sweater was ready. They said it was, and that it looked great.

I thought it would have been funny if they said that the sweater came out great and was a nice shade of pink. It was originally beige.

My wife said whe'd thought of that, and if the sweater came out pink, she'd have a new sweater.

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