Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Namezero, she's broken.

I got some Namezero domains a while ago, since they were free, and have kept renewing them, but this morning none of them come up!

What's up with that?

Try this one,

Maybe it's time for me to get a real hosting service?

** UPDATE **
I called Network Solutions and they told me that my domain was registered by Namezero, but they did not have a phone # for them. Funny huh? So I asked if someone who handles the Namezero account could talk with me and give me a contact #. No, they were sorry, They couldn't. D'oh!

So I Googled 'Namezero' and finally found a phone number that someone would pick up. The woman who answered the phone informed me that Namezero was purchased by Dotster. So now I have a call in to Dotster.

I asked her for her name and she said, "I just part of the wind down team at Namezero."

Ah ha. Too bad for her, If she had given me her name I was prepared to say, "Thank You [insert name here]."

She lost out.

NamesDirect's password leak opens up 180,000 transactions. What a mess!

** UPDATE #2 **
I got response from Dotster:
From Linette
04/22/2003 08:59 AM 


I'm very sorry, our servers are down. We are working hard to correct this situation. I apologize for the downtime you are experiencing. Our engineers are working on the servers right now, and will have them back up as quickly as possible.
You'd think they could post a message on the front page of their web site.

Patiently waiting for servers to come back up.

** UPDATE 3 **

Just got a phone call from NameZero. The servers will be back up within the hour.

They've been down all day. That explains why has been down. The woman who called me said that purchased, but that namezero will still be run under the name.

** UPDATE 4 **

Namezero is back up. Their main page has this:
Message to NameZero Customers: We apologize for the recent outage of a portion of our website and forwarding services. There was a problem at our main co-location facility which caused some of our services to become inaccessible. All affected web and forwarding services have now been restored. We do not anticipate any more outages due to the problems experienced on April 22, 2003.

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