Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ads in a Blog.
Amazon recently sent me an email telling me that they had an easy new way to put ads on my site.

I figured that I'd try it out. Sort of a test market.

I've gotten my first feedback from John Walkenbach. It's not good.
I'm a regular reader of Steve Garfield's Off On a Tangent blog. More accurately, I used to be a regular reader of that blog. It is now so bogged down with "context sensitive" Amazon ads that it's not worth the effort anymore.

Good luck Steve. I'm barraged with enough advertising every day, and I don't care to see it when I read blogs.
Context sensitive links to are no longer featured on the blog.

Amazon told me that they are very successful, but my experience using them for a day has proven otherwise.

For those of you who are interested, I stashed all the ads over here. Maybe that's a better place for them anyway.

Please come back John!

John's back!
No More Ads In a Blog

Man, am I ever influential!

This morning I complained about the Amazon ads that cluttered up the Off On a Tangent blog. And now, based in large part to my comments, Steve has removed the ads. Good move, Steve. The small amount of money you would have made just isn't worth the clutter.

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