Sunday, July 13, 2003

Mel Brooks: The Producers.
We went and saw The Producers in Boston last night at the Colonial Theater.

I really loved the second act where they stage the play within a play, Springtime for Hitler.
Mel Brooks says the musical show "The Producers" is his way to honor the Broadway shows he loved in the past. He calls it a traditional musical comedy.

That is true in one way. The show presents a funny story told through songs and dances performed by actors in beautiful clothes. But the story of "The Producers" is very different from other Broadway shows. That is because its songs and dances are about Germany and the Nazis in the Nineteen-Thirties. The show makes fun of German dictator Adolph Hitler and his followers.

Mel Brooks has said that the best way to defeat an enemy is to make fun of him by showing him as stupid. That is what he has done in "The Producers." And audiences are loving the show.
Searching the web, I found out that the punk rock group The Spitfires United warm up the crown with a recording of Springtime for Hitler from the movie version of The Producers.

The American Film Institute includes The Producers, at #11, in their list of The 100 Funniest movies of all time.

A review of the New York Production.
A review of the Boston Production.

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