Thursday, July 17, 2003

Will Markson for President 2004: Weblog.
The miracle of the World Wide Web means Will can keep you posted on his campaign activities with nothing more than a laptop computer, an Internet connection, a double-skim latte, his favorite "online journal writing" hat, someone to rub his shoulders while he types, and his trusty pair of giant fuzzy slippers that closely resemble the feet of a ferocious tiger!

Such simplicity means he'll keep us up to date on his campaign through this regular online journal. Stories from the road. Thoughts on current events. Crazy ideas that will be cleverly framed as "innovative." Apologies and mea culpas. The details of what he had for breakfast at a diner in Concord, NH. You get the idea.
My presidential candidate, Will Markson, is starting a weblog.

He's joining the political weblog revolution to bring his campaign to the people.

Go Will!

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