Saturday, August 02, 2003

Boston: Menino OK's new optical voting machines.
The optical scanning system, which is used by most Massachusetts cities, requires voters to fill in circles on a paper ballot, in the same way that answers are selected on SAT exams.
Completing an arrow by drawing a straight line is easier than filling in a circle!

That's the way it works on the City of Peabody scanners. Can't we even get optical scanning right?

Touch Screen Systems Still Have Kinks
Representatives from Diebold told the council that Boston was better off with the optical scanners. John Silvestro, president of the company, said the optical scanning system reduces lines at polling places and helps preserve the integrity of elections by leaving a paper ''audit trail.'' He also said the touch-screen system would cost the city about six times as much money, and that companies like his are still working the kinks out of the touch-screen machines, a newer technology.
Still working the kinks out!?


And they cost six times as much? That would mean that the touch-screen systems costs $36,000 each.

You could give each voter an iBook to take home at those rates!

Diebold - The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering

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