Friday, August 08, 2003

MovieJuice isn't the most popular online destination to read about new movies, just one of the most unique. That's why with a million websites devoted to movie reviews, MovieJuice honcho Mark Ramsey is the only web guy who has done live segments on MSNBC and CNN, occasional appearances on E!, and taped a pilot segment for a regular slot on the forthcoming cable network MovieWatch.

Unlike all other movie review destinations, MovieJuice is loopy and satirical, funny and smart. 'Reviews' with a Simpsons sensibility. The merits of the movies are almost beside the point. That's why Roger Ebert named MovieJuice one of the 'Top 20 movie sites on the net,' second in the category 'Online Outlaws' (right behind Harry Knowles ' and in any small room that's the least desirable place to be). Entertainment Weekly has rated MovieJuice (B-, just like Seabiscuit!). Every major film critic is aware of MovieJuice or reads it. Lots of filmmakers read it, too (including one up-and-comer named Steven Spielberg). One prominent critic told me the site is very hot in 'Young Hollywood,' and 'young' in Hollywood terms means everyone younger than Elia Kazan.

MovieJuice is read by all kinds of people all over the place. Not just young or old, not just men or women. Not just insiders.

MovieJuice brings together folks who understand fundamentally that we shouldn't take a movie or ourselves so seriously. It's proof that an entertaining critique is a lot more compelling than a dry, though factual, one. It turns conventional movie reviews on their heads and makes them squeal for mercy. Agree with the review or not, it doesn't matter. As long as you enjoy the ride.
I Love MovieJuice!

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