Wednesday, September 10, 2003

J-Walk Blog: He's back!
Yesterday I announced that it was over. Today I turn the zebra around and announce that I'm back.

Regular blogging activities will resume tomorrow.
John's back after having shut down his blog.

He says:
No, it wasn't a publicity stunt to generate some attention. I fully intended to stop posting. But then the emails started coming in. Within 24 hours I received about 75 messages from all over the world. And they touched me. I really had no clue as to the type of impact this stupid blog has on people.
Welcome back John, I was truly going to miss reading your blog each day.

I was so upset, I even told my wife that you were shutting down your blog. And she doesn't even care about blogs.

Now I just told her that you are back and she still doesn't care.

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