Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Cubs Fans Blame Heartbreaking Loss on Fan's Blunder.

Chicago Sun-Times: Spit hits the fan after souvenir try goes awry
Five outs from the World Series, and Florida's Luis Castillo hit a fly ball that went to Cubs left fielder Moises Alou. He drifted over toward the stands and jumped for the ball, but then a young man in the crowd in a dark shirt, Cubs cap and headphones reached over with both hands looking for a souvenir and knocked the ball away.

The play was ruined, and Alou jumped out of control in anger, reportedly yelling an obscenity at the fan. A few minutes later, the man cried while holding a sweater over his face as three security guards escorted him in safety out of the stands.

Later, they gave the man, maybe 25 years old and 5-7, a tan jacket as a disguise so he could leave the stadium safely.

Afterward, the man just sat there. Sat there listening to his headphones as if he had no idea of what the heck he had done to the Cubs, the fans, the city. History.

And that seemed to gall the fans near him. They threw beer at him, screamed "Thanks a lot, [expletive].''

"He had those headphones on and wasn't paying attention,'' Springer said. "He was just sitting there in the whole maelstrom.''

The maelstrom included the fans chanting an obscenity. Outside the stadium, people looked for the man, figuring he had been thrown out.

A man named Matt, who wouldn't give his last name, sat nearby.

"It's a good thing they got him out of there,'' Matt said. "They were going to beat the hell out of the guy. He was going to die.''
Miami Hearld: That fan saved our season
That fan is now the least popular figure in Chicago since either Al Capone or Mrs. O'Leary's cow. Fans showered him with beer and debris as he wept, and the Marlins were genuinely worried for his safety afterward.

''I just hope that fan got out alive,'' Derrek Lee said.

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