Friday, November 07, 2003

Wesley Clark: Change Course.
'In dealing with Iraq, 'Bush made a series of strategic mistakes,' Clark said. The administration did not exhaust all diplomatic options, gain the support of other countries, create a 'realistic post-war plan' or 'level with the American people.'

'Instead of basing life-and-death decisions on hard-headed realism, they were guided by wishful thinking,' Clark said. 'Seven months after the fall of Saddam, violence is growing and the enemy's morale and momentum are increasing.'

'Iraq has become a magnet for every jihadist in the Middle East who wants to take a shot at an American soldier,' Clark said.

'President Bush keeps telling us we should stay the course. But what we really must do is change course,' he said.'
It's time to change course both in Iraq and here at home.

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