Saturday, January 10, 2004

Another Day on the Campaign Trail


9:30AMGovernor Howard Dean , speaking of his wife Judith , says " I do not intend to drag her around because I think I need her as a prop on the campaign trail. "

9:45AMSenator Lieberman’s campaign releases a statement claiming “ Governor Dean owes it to the voters to bring his wife on the campaign trail. If he’s embarrassed by his wife, Democratic primary voters have a right to know it. ”

10:00AMSenator Kerry’s campaign releases a statement saying, “ Governor Dean is, once again, saying one thing and doing another. In June the Governor told voters in Muscatine, Iowa that he would “drag my wife around as a prop” on the campaign trail. Now, Governor Dean, as is often the case, has gone back on his word. ”

10:35AM —Senator Lieberman’s campaign releases another statement stating that they had it on ‘ very good authority ’ that Governor Dean is not, in fact, married. “ No wonder he’s so supportive of gay marriages. ”Senator Lieberman ’s campaign manager Craig Smith commented.
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