Saturday, January 17, 2004

Today Weekend Edition: Time Magazine Segment - Lame

I was just watching Weekend Today and they had a nervous guy on from Time magazine.

He was there to tell us about hot new products. It was a nerve-wracking disaster. Especially for Lester Holt, who had to prompt and guide this guy through his presentation, constantly having to bring him back on track.

This Time magazine guy, in addition to being nervous, thought he was funny.

He wasn't.

In addition to being nervous and not funny, he was wrong.

He told us that the new little iPods were $50 more than the regular iPods that could hold up to 4,000 songs.

Wrong! $299 iPod - $249 iPod Mini = $50 LESS

Wrong! iPod can hold up to 10,000 songs.

And don't get me started on how he gave the worst demonstartion ever of GarageBand.

He didn't have it set up and ready to play, wasted time mousing around in the screen, had dead air with no music playing, and neglected to even use the attached keyboard.


Hi Campbell Brown.

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