Saturday, February 14, 2004

It's time for a new political party that doesn't nominate candidates

Dave Winer writes:
Let's call it the Rational People's Party, or RPP. We'd meet every month to talk about local and national politics, to start new weblogs and meetups, to broadcast our ideas and invite political leaders to pitch themselves. If they wandered off-topic we'd ask them to get back on track. If one broke a campaign promise, this would appear on a public list, for every local RPP chapter to access.
Dowbrigade calls it Breaking Out the Big Tent Movement
It seems to the Dowbrigade that there are all of the necessary elements in place to see an effective Movement coalesce and emerge from the dashed dreams and bruised egos of the Dean disaster. There is a large base of people out there who are deeply dissatisfied with the direction this country is taking, and they are gradually finding each other, and a voice, in the Blogosphere. They are motivated, educated, and ready to put their money where their keyboards are posting.
I hope it could be as fun as Dilbert's New Ruling Class, the DNRC.

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