Monday, February 23, 2004

Let me eat toast

My good old toaster oven is gone. Gone to the place where old toaster ovens go when they start smoking. I'll have no smoking in this house, especially from an old toaster oven!

Now that I need a new way to toast bread, I started thinking. Do I even need a toaster oven?

We've been using a toaster oven for years. It goes back to the time before microwave ovens where you used the baking part of the toaster oven to heat up frozen TV dinners that came in tin trays.

Maybe it's time to just get a toaster?

This Cuisinart® 2-Slice Toaster looks interesting.
Six browning levels plus settings for bagels and reheating. Has two slots and one set of controls. Easy-Lift feature brings smaller items up high for safe and easy removal. One "fifties-style" backlit browning control dial and a "CD-style" pop out crumb tray combine fashion with function.
It would be even cooler if you could put CD's in the crumb tray and play them.

Maybe not. ;-)

What do you use to toast bread?

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