Thursday, February 05, 2004

Senator John Kerry's Band: The Electras

On Deborah Norville Tonight, Norville is going to do a segment on John Kerry's band The Electras.

Kerry played bass in The Electras while at St. Paul's preparatory school in Concord, NH.
"We made a lot of noise," Kerry said yesterday before a campaign stop in Fargo, N.D., where he took a few minutes to reminisce by phone about his band. "It was a very good time."

It all started with a very simple idea, said Andrew Gagarin, the group's co-founder and maraca player and one of Kerry's prep school classmates.

"The whole idea was to meet more babes," he said, calling from Watch Hill, R.I., where he's in the real estate business. "At that time, life wasn't worth living without a girlfriend, so we spent every waking moment of our lives looking for ways to meet girls."
Look for Erik Lindgren of Arf! Arf! Records on tonight's segment.

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