Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Smart Genes: An Open Source Novel By Rick Heller And The Open Source Community

Smart Genes: An Open Source Novel.
When Sandra flicked on the bedroom light, she didn't expect to see a postman with a shotgun.

Sandra screamed, stifling the reflex midway, so it sounded like a loud, undignified hiccup. Resting on the bed was a man in a blue uniform with an American eagle patch. "I'll kill you first," he said. Beneath his left hand, a shotgun lay in plain sight upon the bedding.

Kill me first? Sandra was stunned. She wondered what he would do second. Stuff her body into a mailbag and bury it under a pile of dead letters? Sandra heard her heartbeat chopping in her ears like a helicopter's rotating blades.
Readers may edit the text of the novel.


I think Sandra should take off her clothes before turning on the light.

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