Friday, April 16, 2004

The Apprentice winner seems to be a bad driver

Bunsen writes about Bill's final ride in Apprentice Friday: Finale Edition:
Bill hopped into his new Chrysler Crossfire and drove off into the night, triumphantly accelerating into Midtown Manhattan gridlock, hardly noticing the car's top was down in the middle of a chilly April downpour.
Bill also forgot to put on his seatbelt AND didn't look to see if any cars were coming before pulling out into the street.

Chumworth doesn't know how he'll fill up his empty Thursday evenings:
Now I'm forced to fill that awful gaping, sucking chest wound of a void in my Thursday night TV schedule.
Dave Pell enjoyed Trump's every word:
OK, now that the details are out of the way, we can go back to talking about what really makes the show The Apprentice a hit. ... It's The Donald. At no time was that more clear than last night when the boardroom walls were swept away to reveal an enthusiastic studio audience to which Trump responded by repeating what I think should be the new trademarked tagline of the show: "Settle Down!"
Beth makes a comment over at buzzmachine:
I found it fascinating and telling that the one person on the show who had worked in Washington was the worst at business and best at lying, dogding responsibility, and self promotion - Omorosa.
The Apprentice: Guest Starring George W. Bush.

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