Thursday, April 29, 2004

I want an easy way to distribute video.

Adam Curry has a great post over on his weblog about getting developers to listen to his requirements.

I made a comment, listing out my requirements for distributing video over the net:
I want an easy way to distribute video.

I'm told that I should be looking into BitTorrent, but am concerned about opening up my system to the world.

The problem is, what if a video I put up there becomes so popular, that it exceeds my monthly bandwith allotment.

Also, the people at Macromedia are camplaining about my use of QuickTime for the video and want me to use FLASH with a front end that requires me to learn a bunch of new stuff and set it up on a server.

I could spend that time learning all that, but it'd be much easier of my weblog tool of choice, TypePad, had a button that allowed me to upload QT, FLASH, and MPEG4 files, that they would then host in nice looking wrappers.


Maybe someone will listen to that.

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