Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm Bleeding Money For This City

This girl I work with, who wants to remain anonymous, says that "she's bleeding money for this city" because of all the parking tickets she pays to the City of Boston.

We had lunch together and I found her very quotable. So much so that I wrote that quote down on a napkin.

She also said, "We're not wrong 'cause there is no right."

That quote rocks!

We went to Natick Center and ate lunch at a cute bakery called Bakery on the Common.

After I placed my order the girl at the counter said, "Let me get your number."

To which I replied, "OK. I'll give you my number, but I'm not sure my wife would be happy about it."

With this, I turned to the girl who wishes to remain anonymous and asked her what town we were in. She told me Natick.

I said, "The girls here in Natick are pretty forward."

We all had a good laugh at that.

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