Thursday, October 28, 2004

World Champion Boston Red Sox

Red Sox win!

Who's going to Disney?
Schilling... joined Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz on the pitcher's mound to film their Disney World commercial.
Hey, that looks like Jimmy Fallon.
Frolicking in the champagne-soaked celebration on the field with the team and hundreds of Boston Believers was ``Fever Pitch'' star Drew Barrymore, wearing a Red Sox jacket, refilming the finale of her baseball movie.

Her co-star Jimmy Fallon and ``Tessie'' gal Colleen Reilly were spotted jumping up and down during the raucous post-party in the infield screaming ``They did it!'' at the top of their lungs. And in a bizarre case of art imitating life, the Farrelly Brothers' cameras were rolling when the last out was recorded and the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918.
Back in Boston the crowd didn't go ickey-balooky crazy:
Some in the crowd were high-fiving cops; others chanted ``Don't shoot me'' in unison.
Manny Ramirez says:
"We go out to have fun and we don't think -- we eliminate thinking. We have fun and pick each other up."

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