Thursday, November 18, 2004

U2 - Atomic Bomb CD $7.99

BlackFriday 2004:
What is Black Friday?
Black Friday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving. This is usually the day that kicks off Winter/Christmas sales, so most stores have their best deals today. Usually such great deals that people will camp out overnight to be sure to get whatever is on sale. Is it worth the $50 in savings? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It's how much you value your time. It's one thing to wait to get the item, it's another thing to have to wait in line to actually purchase that item.

So, are these really what's on sale? How do I take advantage of this knowledge?
First off, the items posted to be on sale are just *cough*rumors. For legal purposes, they are just pure speculation *cough**cough* But don't be too surprised if you find out that the ad matches what is on this page With this information, avoid the holiday rush and waking up before 5am to get that certain item. Simply go to the store before Thanksgiving, buy the item, then on Black Friday (November 26th) go into the store and price-match (buy and rebuy) your item back for the new advertised price. Make sure you buy your item near Black Friday though, because some stores have policies where they will only match their own price 30 days after you bought the item. Not a huge deal now, but for future reference.
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Eric has this update:
Black Friday @ - The Official Black Friday Deals Site

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