Saturday, November 20, 2004

UMass Video Game Gone Wild

Today's Boston Globe has an article about UMass student Grant Cerulo:
A student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has campus officials hopping mad over a popular video game he designed in which a young man in a Red Sox cap fights riot police, a parody of campus disturbances that have followed Red Sox victories.

The game's creator, 18-year-old UMass freshman Grant Cerulo, said yesterday that he wasn't making any kind of statement.

''I'm not telling anyone to go out and riot or vandalize," he said. ''It's just a silly game."
The UMass Daily Collegian has the story too.

The Collegian article is better than the Globe article because it contains URL's where you can play the game.

Why is it that most times that you read a Globe article, they neglect to give out the URL that's the main topic of the story.

I've emailed them about this before and they promised to do better.

Time for another email.

Here's Grant Cerulo's personal web page at UMass:

You can also play the game over at College Smollege, a website that sells ZooMass T-Shirts.

I went to UMass and was never comfortable with the ZooMass moniker. It gets that name from kids who go out to visit UMass on the weekend. They are usually taken to all the best parties. When they go home, they tell all their friends that UMass is a party school.

If they had visited me, they would have seen the inside of a library and gone home telling all their friends that UMass is boring.

AP Story - URL included, link clickable.
Boston Herald, AP Story - URL excluded., AP Story - URL included, link not clickable.
Herald Story - URL excluded.

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