Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Squirrel Hunting Channel

Hey! They're going to have a "The Squirrel Hunting Channel."

This is great. I hate squirrels.

Frequent readers know that they keep coming back to my house every year and eat their way through the outside wall of my house into my attic.

I've posted the whole story before, but that's not important right now.

Kevin Maney has written an article in USA Today called "Tech show expects video to flourish on Net the way words have."

In it he says:
"Everything that has happened to words and photos the past 10 years will happen to video in the next 10."
It's a fun read except for the part where he says, "These days, any schmoe can publish a blog or put up a Web site."

I liked hearing about this:
"the trend of allowing anyone to create media is happening to music. An example was unveiled at CES: UmixIt, which is being hawked by Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. It lets artists release songs with every sound — vocals, guitar, bass, etc. — on a separate track. Fans can then alter the mix, or even take out, say, Tyler's vocal and insert their own."
Walk this way...

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