Saturday, May 07, 2005

Christopher Lydon's Open Source Radio

Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth: Open Source Radio: Making Mobcasting a Reality:
Long-time Boston public broadcasting journalist Christopher Lydon is teaming up with his veteran producer Mary McGrath and PRX's Brendan Greeley to produce a new public radio program called Open Source. The program, produced locally at WGBH, will be distributed nationally by Public Radio International (PRI) later this summer.
The Open Source Radio Show Blog.

Speak, America, Speak.
You're on. Speak. Leave your name and location first. Right now we're looking to answer the question "What stories aren't being told where you live?" Answer it however you please, but we do like anecdotes, 'cause we're looking for stories to put on the radio.
Anyone can pick up a phone, call a number and enter a code to record a voicemail that's automatically posted to the website. Your calls could end up on the radio show too.

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