Friday, May 27, 2005

vloggers live

Videoblogger Videoconferences:
From time to time, members of the Videoblogging Yahoo! Group organize open videoconferences, most recently via the FlashMeeting server at The Open University
They are fun.

Check out this clip, of the most recent videoconference, where Carol showed up.

Good stuff!

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  1. Hey Steve :-)

    Just watched the vloggers live bit and wow - very exciting! I tried to log on that night, but sans cam - thus I guess it wouldn't pick me up :-s Sigh. I figured I could just watch along, but wasn't able to get "in". Anyway, such fun to see everyone. Looks like it could turn into something fab down the road. Perhaps an 'interview'format would be cool, eh? You know... you could host the show and interview vlogger peeps.

    Love it LOVE IT LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Kudos to everyone!!!