Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where does the CVS Video go? - $29.95 one-time-use video cameras ready:
Consumers will have to pay an additional $12.95 for processing the 20 minutes of footage onto DVDs. There's no other way to watch — the camera can't be plugged into a TV."
I had some questions after reading about the new disposable CVS video camera. So I contacted their media rep and here's our correspondence:
From: Steve Garfield
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 10:31 AM
To: Wynne Ahern
Subject: CVS/pharmacy - Press Room - Press Releases

Hi Wynne,

I'm a videoblogger and very interested in your new product.

I'm wondering about the format of the movie on the DVD. MPEG 2, is the format when you what it as a move on yoru laptop or play it on your TV.

What format is the movie saved as in order to allow it to be emailed to friends?

Answer: Mpeg 1

Are you actually allowing people to email the movie, or go look at it on a web site?

Answer: The File is uploaded to the CVS Online Video Gallery from the SmartShare application then streamed from the Gallery's servers to the recipient. No large files are sent. The recipient has access to the video for 30 days and has the option of downloading the video to their computer. The Gallery recognizes whether the recipient has a PC or Mac and stream the video in either Windows Media Format or Quicktime Format, respectively. It also recognizes the users connection speed (dial-up or broadband) and optimizes the video stream appropriately.

Could a Macintosh user copy the file off of the DVD in a format such at mpg4 to post it to his/her own videoblog?

Answer: Yes, you could do that. First you would have to save it as an MPEG 1 or WMV file

Ok. Let's see if we get a bunch of new CVS videobloggers...


  1. Doesn't that seem a little (or a lot) wasteful? I mean, at least until we can cheaply launch our landfill waste into outer space.

  2. How long before someone hacks this thing, and shows us how to download the vid direct to your pc, clear the memory, and then let you start over?