Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bank of America: Bill Pay

I sent in a question to Bank of America. I'm still trying to figure out if they answered it.

My Question:
Why does bill pay say delivery time 2 days when with Fleet it was immediate?
Their Answer:
Thank you for your inquiry dated 7/5/05 regarding Online Banking Billpay. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Our Bill Pay service deducts the funds on the date you have scheduled your payment. The payment amount will be debited from the account on the scheduled process date. If the scheduled process date is a weekend or non-bank business day, then the process date will be the previous bank business day.

Payments you make through Online Banking using Bill Pay are processed in one of two ways:

- Electronic transmission. Most payments are made by electronic transmission.
- Check. All other payments are made with a check to your designated Payee. If a Payee does not negotiate the check within 90 days, we will stop payment on the check and credit your account for the amount of the payment. To assure sufficient time for your Payees to receive and process the payment, you should allow at least five bank business days between the scheduled process date and the payment due date.

For more information about bill payment processing, please refer to our Online Banking Service Agreement and Electronic Disclosure on our Web site at

If we may be of further assistance, please contact us again by e-mail.
Thank you for choosing Bank of America.


Kelly Faulks
Bank of America

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And why are they asking me to sign up for online bill pay when my question is about my online bill pay?

Either the computers that answer these emails need to be upgraged, or the people who answer them do.

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