Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Collection agency called again

I know you guys like to hear about my problems with this collection agancy.

They just called back again.

When we last spoke, they were going to imnmediately email me out their address so that I could pay them.

I never got an email.

Now remember that I am wasting all my time for a little $46 charge that I shouldn't even be paying. The whole history is in the archives. I'm saving it, in writing, because that's how these people operate. Except when they need to either email or USPS mail me.

Then they fail.

So I got a nondescript message to call them and I immediately called.

Here's the phone conversation which I keyed in verbatim:

Them: What phone # did we call you at?

Me: 617-nnn-nnnn

Them: 617 ... Please repeat the last 7 digits of your phone #

Me thinking: (Hello... whay do I have to repeat myself?)

Them: This call relates you a collection we are trying to make for Boston Sports Clubs for $46.85

Me: The last time I talked to you I told you that I was happy to pay and that I needed something in writing. I gave you my email. I am waiting for you to respond.

Them: The email was sent to you with a payment address.

Me: I never got it. I'm happy to pay

Them: We emailed you on the 8th.

Me: Please email again

Them: I will make sure

Them: We sent out a letter too on the 8th

Me: I never got it

Them: The contents of this call will be used to collect your debt

Me: What does that mean?

Them: blah blah blah blah

Me: OK. I'm happy to pay you just please get me something in writing via email or USPS mail and I'll gladly pay. Goodbye.

I agreed to pay because this is taking too much time to resolve and each time they get me on the phone it takes more and more time. They are wasting MY time and I am going to start billing them for wasting my time. Boston Sports Clubs is lame for sending a $46 amount to a collection agency for a month that I did not even use the club. Again, I canceled my membership, but htey bill you for a full minth even though you are injured and not using the club. When I canceled I was told that I was not going to be charged for hte final minth since I did not use the club, but since , as hte Attorny Generals office of MAssachusetts says, I did not get that promise in writing, I have to pay. So that is why I am requesting something in writing from this collection agancy. Unless I get something in writing, I am not going to pay. As you know, I like irony, but this is insane and I hope you all learn a lessaon from this record of my dealings with Boston Sports Clubs and the collection agancy which has some mumbled collection of letters which I can never get clear. BTW, Boston Sports Clubs never returned my call and for that lapse, I am also very unhappy.

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