Saturday, October 08, 2005

Getting Free Videos Delivered Like Pizza

Eric Rice writes The RSS is like pizza thing v.2: Participatory vs. Not:
Sometimes, I don't want to participate. I want someone just to give me content. Let me sit my narrow little ass on the couch on veg out to MTV. Yes. And why do I spend so much time dealing with the playlists that are fed to me by some program director at XM Radio? Maybe it's because it's a one-click interface. My iPod is bulging at the seams with podcasts.... my hard drives are overflowing with videoblogs, video podcasts, etc.

Sometimes, I want to be entertained. Sometimes, I want to experience something outside of my content zone. Sometimes, I want to BE INSIDE a walled garden."
I replied:


I have my subscriptions in Bloglines, FireAnt, Akimbo, TiVo, and believe me, that's a lot of content to watch.

I've also got iPodderX downloading some podcasts.

I want to listen to and watch all that stuff.

But there aren't enough hours in the day to comsume all this media.

I'm trying to help, by compiling my favorite video blog posts in Vlog Soup, but last week most of the content was from my favorite vloggers.

Their content is great and it was the best of the most recent videos I had watched, but some viewers want to see other stuff.

They want to order off the menu.

So do I.

I've got to work now at finding other content that isn't on the menu.

It's like when we were on vacation last week, I didn't have a TiVo. So I sat in front of the TV and surfed. Haven't done that in a very long time. Usually we just sit down and watch what's in our Now Playing queue on TiVo.

Guess what? I found some fun TV shows, namely the Food Channel, that I really liked.

So I totally get your point.

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