Saturday, December 10, 2005

Channel 101 and me

Andy Sullivan writes a nice article about Channel 101 and Yacht Rock, for Reuters.

I get a short mention:
"Video bloggers" like Steve Garfield's Video Blog ( post informal diary entries...
Diary entries?


Hey Andy, did you take a look at more than just a few posts I've made?

I've got 50 episodes of The Carol and Steve Show on my video blog and 9 episodes of Vlog Soup.

Those are more than just informal diary entries.

JewtopiaI'm going to go out and take a walk now, then head back for a breakfast of bagels and lox. After that I'm going to head over to the flea market and get some watch batteries. Later on I'm going to head over to the mall to buy some underwear, then grab some dinner.

I feel pertty good, even though I had to sleep on my mom's couch. Yeah, I'm in Florida while Carol is up in Boston battling a blizzard. Seems like I'm always out of town when big storms hit Boston. I'd have to say that if you based storm predictions on my travel plans I'd be more accurate than the meteorologists.

We saw the play Jewtopia last night. I was disapointed. They went for a lot of easy jokes with some that were inappropriate. I'm spoiled by Curb Your Enthusiasm, the Office, and Extras.

This review of Jewtopia talks about how this version of the play has been changed from the one that is running in NYC:
Audiences who blush at this politically incorrect satire of ethnic pride may be surprised to learn that South Florida's Jewtopia is significantly more homogenized than earlier versions. The off-Broadway hit was rewritten and refined during a monthlong preview period at the Stage Door, in order to make it more palatable to middle America.
I should have seen it in New York. Probably would have enjoyed it more.

Sites that Reuters does not directly link to from their article, but should have:
Channel 101 (they do have a graphic link)
Yacht Rock

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