Monday, December 19, 2005

Universal audio/video transcoder

MediaCoder - The universal audio/video transcoder:
"MediaCoder is an open source audio/video batch transcoder, putting together many excellent audio/video softwares from the open source community into one friendly GUI."
via [ Michael Meiser ]

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  1. Blaa! I just wished it worked on Mac. I'm using a thing called iSquint, but it's not working very well at ALL... I think maybe if I tried it on 10.4, perhaps the problem is I'm using it on my 10.3 mac... BUT still it doesn't support WMV or Real. This Media Coder thing promises to support EVERYTHING.

    What I really need is a drag and drop media converter to mp4. I think I'm ACTUALLY going to make an applescript today that uses QT Pro. Should be pretty simple... like batch processing in Photoshop.

    ANyway, if I do, I'll post it online, but it's going to require a DIVX QT component to rip AVI's.

    If you find anything better for the mac, let me know!