Monday, January 02, 2006

A defining moment for the film and television business

Right to the Top - Newsweek Technology -
It's the dawn of the democratization of the TV and film business—even unknown personalities are being propelled by the enthusiasm of their fans into pop-culture prominence, sometimes without even traditional intermediaries like talent agents or film festivals. "This is like bypass surgery," says Dan Harmon, a filmmaker whose monthly L.A.-based film club and Web site, Channel 101, lets members submit short videos, such as the recent '70s music mockumentary "Yacht Rock," and vote on which they like best. "Finally we have a new golden age where the artist has a direct connection to the audience."

On the Internet, no one knows or cares if you're ready for prime time.

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  1. That is an interesting point. I found myself watching a bit of the TV show "Beauty and the Geek" tonight and noticed that one of the geeks was a guy named Joe from Minnesota. They didn't mention it on the show, but he's a semi-famous web video geek who's produced some videos for