Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Ravi and Steve Show

We're teaching a videoblogging class at CCTV Cambridge this month and in April.

Blogosphere: Video Blogs 101.


  1. Steve,

    I know how to edit and post, but I really need a class in getting my feed to I-Tunes and other such stuff. Will that be covered in the class?

    Also, I live in New Hampshire. Is that a problem. Skype me or something LOL. Persch5 is my user name.


  2. Hi Jeff,
    What's your blog URL?

    Do you already have an RSS 2.0 feed?

    Getting it into iTunes is easy.

    There is a submit link on the podcast page. You just have to have an RSS 2.0 feed to submit.

  3. jeff,

    regarding the New Hampshire question; I'm not really sure after looking at CCTV's site. There is an affiliate membership indicated on their site that would imply you don't have to be a Cambridge resident, but then the PDF form for the affiliate membership contradicts that.

    We'll ask them!

  4. Cool. And Btw, I don't use any blogging software. I use Macromedia to create everything on my site and I create my standard feedburn rss feed using feedforall. I am now looking at how to make enclosures for rss2.0. I am going to plan on coming down for the Jan 31st class. Maybe the wife will come too. We are doing our first tandom video tonight on the season premier of 24.