Thursday, February 02, 2006

LaCie D2 Won't Mount

FireWire: LaCie D2 Won't Mount:
"LaCie has always made great products. That is why I have been a LaCie reseller for over 10 years. But LaCie is limited by the quality of the firewire bridgeboards residing inside their d2 cases. In my experience, the mayor cause of failure was not the power supply to the drive (I have a drawer full of them), but the bridgeboard itself. I have had such a high rate of failure in the 2-3 year old range that I extracted all my firewire hard drives out of their d2 cases & transplanted them into Otherworld Computing's $30 SATA case. the result: all drives are alive & well & instead of Firewire's 30MB/sec, these former FW drives are doing 45MB/sec through the SATA bus. My d2 optical drives I put into LaCie Porche cases. Again, no problems."

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