Thursday, February 02, 2006

Press Paul English for customer service

Remember that guy who made a web page that tells you how to get a customer service operator on the phone?

His name is Paul English and he's from Arlington.

Today he launched He calls it an index to customer service quality. He's selling teddy bears too.

Gethuman Cheats.
Virgin Mobile 888-322-1122 Say: "English", "More Options", "Ask a Question", "Live Advisor", "Something Else", then enter mobile # or say "I don't have one."
How to Get Paul English on the Phone:

Go to
Click Contact - No phone #
Click About - No phone #
Click - No phone #
Click Contact - There's as phone # here



Paul answered was great. I thought I had recorded the call, but only got one side of it.

Bottom line, next time your plans call for travel, visit his travel site,

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