Monday, February 06, 2006

Swimming Babies

Babies have the swimming training.


  1. Is that baby turning red because the pink floatation device is strangling her? Or is she turning red out of being forced to tread water and is completely exhausted? Or is she turning red because she just made a poopy in the pool? Hmmm, too much to think about- head hurting… Karen

  2. Nice comment.

    It's quite a relief to see a REAL comment over here instead of a Spam comment trying to sell me mortgage rates or insurance.


  3. Swimming at infancy! This just adds to my list of why Chinese-American students do better on average than their Caucasian peers. I'm gonna show this picture to my Chinese friends who brag about how they got their children to read early, play piano early, etc.

    The whole picture can also provoke all sorts of black humor, because a) in China, it's much more preferable to have a *boy* baby than a *girl*; b) the Communist government limits couples to *one* baby only; and penalizes them in various ways (financial, etc.) if they have more than one; finally c) up until just a few years ago, Chinese parents would actually slaughter their own *female* babies, so they could try again for a boy. Look again at the picture of all those babies in the water and let the dark side of your mind wander...