Saturday, February 04, 2006

Telenovela vs. U.S. Soap opera

"Telenovelas also have a different type of story than English-language soaps. A popular plot is that of a poor, beautiful girl that meets a rich and handsome guy. He breaks up with his rich, evil and frivolous girlfriend to be with the heroine, at first to simply annoy his rich and callous relatives, but eventually falling in love because of her kind, caring heart and beautiful soul. The evil ex-girlfriend (usually accompanied by the rich guy's mother, sister or other close relative) stands in their way to happiness. Sometimes the struggle is ethnic (such as in Gitanas and Yesenia with gypsies, or in Mar?a Isabel with people of indigenous origin). A popular plot twist is also the discovery of the real father or mother of the poor heroine, who almost always turns out to be incredibly wealthy. The story usually ends with the villains meeting spectaculary violent, gruesome, painful and gory end and the two heroes end up getting married and with a child, sometimes, even twins."

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  1. I feel good just knowing that i don't have to watch it.
    If i watch more than ten seconds of "the bold and the beautiful" if feel physically ill.

    (Dramatic close-up of my face)