Monday, March 06, 2006

Cancel Verizon Mobile Web

What I had to go through to cancel Mobile Web with Verizon:
First I called in from my Verizon phone by dialing *611

Then I followed the menu options:
2 change service
3 remove services
enter zip code
ss# last 4 digits
2 other services

3 mobile web

to add [ Note: Even though I followed the remove services menu, there is not DELETE option here ]
cancel request

stay on line

main menu

0 operator

4 other requests

being transfered

Next a customer service rep came on the line:

"cancel mobile web"

phone # ?

ss# last 4

effective today?


Then she told me that I could add and remove features using the web. I told that for Mobile Web you can't do it on the web or on the phone.

Guess what?

She replied, "I'll bring it up with my supervisor."
The live customer service person was better then the automated web or phone interface.

My suggestion.


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