Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sharp LC37D40U

This just in:
The Sharp LC45GD7U and LC45GD5U are discontinued and no longer available.
Sharp has dropped plans for their next 45" 1080p LCD screen.
They will release a 720p 45" LCD with a black finish.
I was out at CES and saw all the new Sharp TV's. They looked all shiny and nice.

I came home with a brochure that listed all the new HD sets. I was all set to get a LC45GD7U. I was thinking that it made sense to get hte newest since the current TV we have is 19 years old.

But now the one I was goign to get is gone and there's a new one, the Sharp LC37D40U. this one has a reolution of 1200:1, that sounds a lot better than the ones I saw at CEs at 800:1.

So the decision has been made and I'm getting the Sharp LC37D40U.

Now what new Mac should I get?

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