Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brooke Brodack is Famous

The self-made star - The Boston Globe:
"A camcorder, a computer, and a goofy streak were all she needed to launch a career in show biz"
See, Brookers is now famous thanks to YouTube.

One thing not mentioned in the article was the YouTube license agreement that they make you agree to where they can make money off your videos in any way they want to.

Other video sites don't do that.

To make up for the Boston Globe not putting a link in it's article to her page on YouTube, here you go:

Brookers YouTube Page.

And here's a clickable link to her fan site:

Brooker Fanatics.

When will the Boston Globe start realizing that they have to spend some time putting active links to websites from stories that are mainly about websites?

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  1. Hey Steve, unlike You Tube... Kaneva actually let's the video producer retain the rights to the video.