Friday, June 23, 2006

Google Video with Ads

Google Is Testing Ads for Video Service - New York Times:
"In Google's test, videos from a small number of providers who had initially charged fees for downloads will be offered free with advertising. These include Mr. Magoo cartoons and episodes of 'The Charlie Rose Show.'

The advertising takes the form of a banner that appears above the video, with a graphic image and a link to the advertisers' site. At the end of the video, a 15- to 30-second commercial for the advertiser is played. The test involves advertisers including Netflix and Pepsi.

After the test, Google said it intends to run auctions where advertisers must place a bid to have their ads displayed on each video. The advertising revenue will be split with the video owner, Google said."
Let's watch this experiment.


  1. I am doing this experiment for podcasters now. I am in the process of getting more advertisers.


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