Friday, July 14, 2006

Zefrank viewed 1 million times

Revver blog reports:
"ZeFrank is one of our most popular community members. His daily videos are powered by Revver and shared with the world on In just one month on the network, his videos have been viewed almost 1 million times."
Now one million and one. ;-)

Go watch the show with zefrank: 07-14-06 over on revver. [ My affiliate link is in there ;-) ]

If you click the Share This Video link on Ze's page, you get a choice on how you can share his show.

You can embed the video on a web page, make a link to it with an image, banner or text, and you can even download it if you like. All these options maintain the revver ad links so that Ze can make money off the videos. That's cool.

When you show Revver videos on your website or blog or even in an email to friends, you'll get 20% of the ad revenue from that video.

When you do that with Ze's videos though, your links send people over to revver and not to Ze's blog.

I wonder if there's a way to put affiliate codes on links to Ze's site? I'd prefer to do that.

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